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For over 30 years the Estate Preservers has been serving Federal, State and Private Sector Employees. Whether you are just starting your career, or contemplating retirement - we are here for you!

Federal or State Employees

Whether you are just getting started in your career or you have been there for 10 or 20 years - Speak with one of our benefits experts to be sure you understand the options that will benefit you most during your retirement.

Entering DROP?

DROP Option 1, 2 or 3? Did you know you have a choice? Which one is best for you? So many questions, but we will answer them all clearly, concisely and to your satisfaction!

Exiting DROP?

Did you fill out the proper forms? Did you submit them on time? Did you check the right boxes? Our team members are here to guide you to make sure you get exactly what YOU WANT from your retirement. That starts with a successful DROP exit!


Investing Without Market Downside - How?

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